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Education & Training

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd (SKDP) is a local area Development company, established in May 1991 to promote and support the Development of  sustainable and vibrant communities in the south Kerry area.

SKDP operate the Education & Training Initiative – To support participation in education and training opportunities for lifelong learning and development by raising awareness, identifying needs and providing access throughout the area. Where there are gaps in service provision we will raise awareness, identify solutions and develop initiatives to enable the individual and communities to address issues adversely affecting them.

What are the benefits or outcomes of the Education & Training Initiative?

Identify the education and training needs of, and provide programmes to, individuals and businesses in South Kerry
Provide support for disadvantaged 3rd Level and Further Education & Training students. Provide capacity training to community groups in South Kerry. Provide capacity building training to businesses in South Kerry. Provide support for the development of training facilities. Provide personal development training opportunities to individuals.

Work with pre-schools, schools and agencies to improve outcomes for young people at risk.
Provide support for disadvantaged pre-school, primary and post-primary pupils. Provide supports for early school leavers.
Provide supports to schools on issues relating to disadvantaged pupils. Work with communities and agencies to raise awareness of, and address mental health and substance misuse issues through education and training. Pilot, and demonstrate the need for, projects on issues of mental health and substance misuse, while linking communities and schools. Stage awareness raising activities across South Kerry.

Support and strengthen the family unit to encourage child well-being.
Work with parents to create an awareness of the need to support and encourage their children. Work with schools and agencies to provide joint information sessions and initiatives for parents.

What Programmes are run under the Education & Training Initiative?
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The FACE (Families and Computers in Education) project is a FAMILY EDUCATION project aimed at helping parents to become effective home educators for their children, to develop their own skills as adult learners, and to become more confident using computers. The project funding is managed by South Kerry Development Partnership. Families are nominated by schools where parents take an active interest in their children’s education, but would benefit from extra help or advice on how to help their children with Literacy or Numeracy. The project takes place in the homes of those families and last for 8 weeks.

Traveller Support

HIA (Health Impact Assessment) – Interagency work supporting the improvement for families on the Deerpark Halting Site. Since we have been working very closely with the residents and other agencies to support the overall well-being of the families. We now have a Community facility on the site which is used for planning and residents meetings we are planning to use the facility for activities for younger children and computer classes for the Adults. There is now a Play area for the children too. We are seeing a lot of positive changes on the site and this is due to agencies and residents working together.

Traveller Women’s Group- SKDP supported the set up of women’s group for the Traveller women to have a voice and express their issues and needs also to make it a social event which is held weekly and to invite other women groups in the area as part of integration which has worked very well. SKDP has been supporting the group with information on training availability, which most of the women have signed up doing different courses. Also we have a number of guests attend doing different activities such as a 6week food nutrition course which was a great success, this also included “Cooking on a budget” which families requested. The women also took part in Body Confidence training.

Traveller Support workers Co-Ordination Committee- which SKDP set up in order to avoid duplication and to ensure a strategic approach in supporting Travellers in Killarney is employed. The agencies attending are Kerry Traveller Development Partnership, South Kerry Development Partnership, Department of Education, Ballyspillane FRC and FAS. From this we have a range of courses starting such as Computer classes for Traveller men, Parent Plus for 5/6years.

Childcare Networks

Parent and Toddlers are an essential part of the fabric of any community and provide invaluable opportunity for children and parents to meet and share ideas in a safe and supported environment. The Support is given to all groups we organise guest speakers, circulate minutes from previous meeting, and bring updates, information and funding on Childcare issues. To support the promotion of good practice in childcare through networks and newsletters.
Childcare Managers Network-meet eight times a year and SKDP support the network by circulating minutes make sure the room is booked and meet with them at start of meeting to give any information and for them ask or share any ideas with me. The manager’s network has become a valuable information and support resource for childcare managers. Managers can learn from each other’s strengths and knowledge.
Childcare network meetings are vital as this is where staff and management come together to discuss their needs and get updates and information regarding childcare services also to support the promotion of good practice.

Family Support Learning

SKDP in conjunction with an interagency group conducted research on Child Well Being and a strategic direction was outlined for future co-operation and interagency work in relation to young people living in South Kerry. The priorities identifies were the need for increased youth services addressing emotional, physical and mental health, the need for learning supports for school age children and young people, the need for improved access to information for parents, through Homework clubs, one to one homework supports assessments-NEPS.

Children with Additional Needs

Provide capacity building supports and networking opportunities to community based special needs support groups in Kenmare, Caherciveen, Mid-Kerry and Killarney. Recreational and educational activities as well as opportunities for peer integration will be provided to young people. The need for sibling support groups/workshops to support children with additional needs.

English Language Support

Provides English language supports for children of non-Irish nationals whose first language is not English attending pre-school in the Killarney area to ensure full participation in the pre-school setting and smooth transition to primary school. This need has been identified through SKDP’s work with primary schools through the LDSIP period, and through continued high numbers on the pre-school list for children of ethnic minorities.

Strengthening Families

The SFP is a 14-session family skills training programme designed to increase resilience and reduce risk factors for substance abuse, depression, violence and aggression, involvement in crime, and school failure in high risk 12-16 year old young people and their families. Positive results demonstrate that the program is robust and effective in increasing assets and protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving youth’s social and life skills.

Kerry Life Education

KLE service is much valued by students, parents, schools and communities in delivering age appropriate programmes of education/information around substance and alcohol misuse and related issues. KLE funded by SKDP to develop 2nd Level programmes. SKDP will work with Kerry Life Education to support prevention programme delivery in the eight secondary schools in South Kerry, primarily working with 1st years and also with parents around risk and protective factors, communications, safe risk-taking and informed choices.

Jigsaw Kerry

The Jigsaw Kerry model is a community based system of care that supports young people 12-25years to achieve better mental health and emotional wellbeing, and is led and designed by headstrong. SKDP will assist with the rollout of the project plan in South Kerry by supporting the establishment and co-ordination of local jigsaw Implementation Teams, representative of all stakeholders. In 2010 -40-50 young people in the four areas Killorglin, Kenmare/Sneem, Caherciveen and Killarney were supported 160/200 in total 60% Male, 40% Female. In 2010 98 young people took part in a mobile graffiti art project to re-design the TeenTxt packages. With young people at the forefront of developing and designing the TeenTxt promotional material young people will be able to have a sense of ownership in the project.

Counseling Support
Provide Counselling support in conjunction with Southwest Counselling Centre to troubled adolescents on an outreach basis, as referred by schools and parents. This preventative approach to early school leaving and mental health issues enables young people to address and overcome personal, family and school difficulties, use FRC’s to deliver some supports to South of Kerry.
Learning Supports Unit

The South Kerry Learning Support Unit (LSU) is an interagency collaboration with a key aim to provide a corordinated approach to provision of additional learning support services in South Kerry area. It liaises with schools, parents, learning support professionals and other relevant partners and experts.

Tom McBride Bursary Fund

This provides funding for fees, childcare, travel and other costs that may be barriers for marginalised people who are involved in education programmes. The fund has enabled a large number of people to progress towards employment. Individuals identify their own particular education needs, the request is assessed by the education and training committee and then they proceed to undertake the course.

Who do I contact about Training and Education in SKDP

Deirdre Fleming

Education & Training Coordinator,

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd,

Mobile: 0879631935

Tel: 066-9761615(Killorglin)

Tel: 066-9472724(Cahersiveen)

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