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Updates on Supports Available from the State

SKDP continues to point people in South Kerry to services and updates that may be of help during this time of great change. signpost indicating bends aheadHere’s two covering 1) Tourism and 2) Employment Income Supports:

Fáilte Ireland - National Tourism Development Authority logo

For those managing a tourism business, Fáilte Ireland have put together a pack for Managing Business in Unprecedented Times where they prioritise these topics:

  • Expert advice on managing business liquidity and cost containment
  • Information on accessing financial assistance and managing HR risk
  • Step-by-step guides on how to manage temporary business closure, temporary lay-offs and redundancies, if required
  • Guidance on managing further revenue shocks and jumpstarting sales for recovery
  • Information on accessing Government supports
  • Practical operational guidance for businesses on steps they can take to help ensure the health and safety of their staff and visitors.


The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection issued a helpful questions and answers document last week, and you can see a summary of the queries they cover in this blog.

The full set of Questions and Answers is beneath if you wish to review their advices.  *In case things change, it is best to keep an eye on their own website in case of further updates.

DEASP Covid 19 Questions Answers

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