“… being our best selves”

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in

moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in

times of challenge and controversy –



This iconic quote resonates perfectly at this moment in time,

when we are all challenged to be our best selves


SKDP recently collaborated with Killorglin Family Resource Centre (FRC) in bringing donations of food, books and toys to households in Mid Kerry.  It’s just one strand of our wide brief on social inclusion.  We also work with Residents Associations, Men’s Sheds, Disability Support Groups, Lone Parents and New Communities groups!

The SICAP team has summarised how we are operating the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme at the moment and include directions to resources that can be used to protect mental health.  We also shine a light on Project Manager at Killorglin FRC, Margaret Wrenn, who has the above wise words and more to say.

Click through to this page to read a bit more!  (Or read the document directly here, above picture of Martin).

SICAP activities during Covid-19

SICAP Covid Newsletter May 2020


Breadth of TK Maxx Foods

Working together

SKDP continues operations within Kerry’s Covid-19 Coordinated Community Support Service (Tel. 1800807009) and assists people across South Kerry by delivering food, fuel and medicines (as well as providing support and advice) to those cocooning or restricted during the ongoing public health emergency.

Additionally, SKDP were recently involved in a nice project after TK Maxx Killarney made contact, wanting to donate food items to those in need of a boost.  Staff working as part of the TÚS scheme in the Killarney SKDP office sorted through thousands of goods and made up hampers containing foodstuffs and treats.

SKDP vehicles were then driven across the region to distribute to over a hundred deserving families, indicated through the insights of Officers working in our Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme, who know and work with groups in our South Kerry communities.

Another batch were distributed to our partners in KDYS’ Euróg Youth Centre, who passed along parcels to deserving clients of theirs.  A great example of ‘we are all in this together’!  Well done all and thanks TK Maxx Killarney!Breadth of TK Maxx Foods

SKDP Van delivering hampers to Eurog Killarney

Men's shed contributing to Radio Kerry' Saturday Supplement show

Radio – Men’s Sheds take over the airwaves

Men’s Sheds originated in Australia but Ireland now has the most per capita!  Here, men can find meaning and purpose with a wide range of activities and plenty of chat.  SKDP helped bring sheds to South Kerry and we continue to support them through SICAP.

Shed members from across Kerry recently learnt the workings of radio, interviewing techniques, story-telling and helped produce programmes through training funded by Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and co-ordinated by Radio Kerry.
Listen to how much they loved the experience with their contributions on the Saturday Supplement Show – Circa 25 minutes in.  Click to listen to the recording podcast and you’ll also hear the latest developments on Kerry Sheds, including at Dromid!

Men's shed contributing to Radio Kerry' Saturday Supplement show Radio Kerry Saturday Supplement podcast

Men’s shed on Radio Kerry’ Saturday Supplement show




At the Launch of our Hotel Recruitment Day for 2020

Hotel Recruitment Open Day 2020

One of SKDP’s most popular events of 2019 was our Recruitment open day for the hotel and catering industry, with around a hundred job seekers attending and a third of them going on to secure employment with Hoteliers who attended!  Also, our promotion of the event on Facebook beforehand became our most successful post of the year.

No wonder then that we’re looking forward to this year’s event.  Our SICAP Employer Engagement & Enterprise Officer (Joanne Griffin) has already done most of the planning of the 2020 event.  It’s happening February 6th and there are more details on Facebook on how prospective attendees can register.

SKDP Hotel Recruitment Event Advert 2020

At the Launch of our Hotel Recruitment Day for 2020
The Launch of our Hotel Recruitment Day for 2020
Relaxation Space

Shining a Light

Did you know that there are four Direct Provision Centres in our part of Kerry and that SKDP helps support those staying there?

We recently oversaw the development of Relaxation Spaces in two Killarney Centres.  These areas are now equipped with comfortable furnishings, aromatherapy diffusers, sensory lights, flowers, salt lamps and CD players!  Our aim is to support the mental health and wellbeing of residents by creating these places of rest and relaxation.

In Kenmare, we oversaw the refurbishment of a Polytunnel so those residing there can grow their own vegetables.  Not only is there the satisfaction in eating food you’ve nurtured but gardening assists mental wellbeing too.

We hope these improvements help people over this festive period and beyond! Thanks to the Managers of the Centres for allowing us help with these projects, which are supported by funds from the national Community Enhancement Programme, administered by Kerry County Council on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development.

We work with those living in ‘Direct Provision’ mainly through the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) which targets and supports those who are disadvantaged in society.

Relaxation Space