Education & Training

Introduction to Education and Training

The South Kerry Development Partnership CLG (SKDP) aims to support participation in education and training opportunities for life-long learning and development by raising awareness, identifying needs and providing access throughout the area.

SKDP addresses the education & Training needs of individuals, communities, businesses is a key pillar of activity for South Kerry Development Partnership CLG.  SKDP supports the provision of education & training opportunities by the below activities:

Overview of SKDP’s Education & Training Activities

  • Providing grant aid through the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme to equip rural dwellers and rural communities with the appropriate range of skills so as to get the maximum economic & social benefit from the other initiatives under the Rural Development (LEADER) programme – See Rural Development (LEADER) Programme Section
  • Providing subsidised training courses through the South Kerry Skillnets network to job seekers and to local enterprises (Including owners, managers, & employees) to improve their skills, increase their opportunities of accessing employment, maintain & improve their competitiveness – See Skillnets Section
  • Providing advice, information & guidance on education & training opportunities in the South Kerry area and around the country to the unemployed through the South Kerry Local Employment Service- See Local Employment Services Section
  • Developing the job seeking skills of the unemployed through interview preparation, assistance with curriculum vitae and application letter preparation, and the provision of formalised jobs club training through the efforts of the South Kerry Jobs Club – See Jobs Club Section
  • Increasing awareness and uptake of formal & informal educational opportunities for children, young people and adults who are marginalised or experiencing social exclusion – See Local Community Development Programme

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd’s core Education & Training objective is to:

Education & Training  – SKDP CLG – Core Objective

To support participation in education and training opportunities for life-long learning and development by raising awareness, identifying needs and providing access throughout the area.

Identify the education and training needs of, and provide programmes to, individuals and businesses in South Kerry

a)       Provide supports for disadvantaged 3rd Level and Further Education students.

b)       Provide capacity building training to community groups in South Kerry

c)       Provide capacity building training to businesses in South Kerry.

d)       Provides supports for the development of training facilities.

e)       Provide personal development training opportunities to individuals.

Work with pre-schools, schools and agencies to improve outcomes for young people at risk

a)       Provide supports for disadvantaged pre-school, primary and post-primary pupils.

b)       Provide supports for early school leavers.

c)       Provide supports to schools on issues relating to disadvantaged pupils.

Work with communities and agencies to raise awareness of, and address mental health and substance misuse issues through education and training

a)       Pilot, and demonstrate the need for, projects on issues of mental health and substance misuse, while linking communities and schools.

b)       Stage awareness raising activities across South Kerry.

Support and strengthen the family unit to encourage child well-being.

a)       Work with parents to create an awareness of the need to support and encourage their children.

b)       Work with schools and agencies to provide joint information sessions and initiatives for parents.


 Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme

(SICAP) 2015-2017

Education and Training Supports








Aim: To support individuals and marginalised target groups experiencing educational disadvantage so they can participate fully, engage with and progress through life-long learning opportunities through the use of community development approaches.

  • Did you leave school early or Are you at risk of early school leaving?
  • Are you 15-24 years?
  • Do you want to access education or training?
  • Are you in need of support to stay in education or training?
  • Are you unemployed, not in education or training?

A confidential one –to-one service is available to assist you by:

  • Setting real achievable Goals
  • Identify your existing skills and knowledge
  • Agreeing an action plan based on these goals
  • Accessing the right course or training for your specific needs
  • Help you achieve your full potential

How can I access this service?

Contact the Education and Training Officer and make an appointment to access this free confidential service.

Contact Details:          Máiread O’ Sullivan

087 9631935 / 066 9761615   [email protected]


The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2015-2017 is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded by the European Social Fund and includes a special allocation under the Youth Employment Initiative.



Funding programmes

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd accesses a number of state & EU funded rural development programmes in order to implement the actions listed above.


Rural Development (LEADER) Programme 2007-2013 provides grant aid to equip rural dwellers and communities with the appropriate range of skills so as to enable them derive the maximum social and economic benefits from the other measures under the programme.




Local & Community Development Programme aims to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government and its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities.  The programme prioritises marginalised people and social groupings within the most disadvantaged communities, targeting those furthest from access to education, training and employment and those at highest risk of social exclusion.  The programme has four key goals and they are

  1. Promote awareness, knowledge and uptake of a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community services
  2. Increase access to formal and informal educational, recreational and cultural development activities and resources
  3. Increase peoples work readiness and employment prospects and
  4. Promote active engagement with policy, practice and decision making processes on matters affecting local communities.

The South Kerry Local Employment Service is a free and confidential service and it provides information, advice & guidance to the unemployed with regard to education & training opportunities locally and around the country.  Working through a team of experienced mediators the service provides career path planning for unemployed. Services include information, advice, guidance, training, education and employment support.  It provides a free and confidential placement service to employers by matching their recruitment needs with the skills and needs of our Job Seeker clients.


The South Kerry Jobs Club prepares those who are unemployed for all job applications by helping them with their CV, Cover letters, Job Interviews, filling out application forms etc.  The South Kerry Jobs Club aims to expand awareness and help participants understand how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance job-seeking skills.    Services provided include – Developing job-seeking skills and techniques such as preparing a Curriculum Vitae and application letters, preparation for interview, exploring and analysing local work opportunities, providing access to facilities of the jobs club (telephones, computer, email, newspapers etc., developing a network of contacts, which can be of assistance in getting work)

South Kerry Skillnet network is an enterprise led training network which provides subsidised training programmes to businesses in South Kerry. The training is available to people at all levels of  business including owner/managers and staff.  South Kerry Skillnet Network is about increasing performance, competitiveness and profitability and promoting and protecting employment in the region. South Kerry Skillnet Network carries out courses under our JSSP programme for the unemployed and these are 100% funded by Skillnets.   By joining South Kerry Skillnet, your business can benefit from top quality training programmes based on the actual needs of businesses in the area delivered by experienced practitioners, up to 25% funding of training costs provided, support for your in-house training requirements, training delivered locally throughout the area- minimising costs and disruption, access to valuable network opportunities to increase your business contacts and provide an opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn from other’s experience.