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South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is a community led local development company.  It was founded in 1991, and was one of the first area based partnership companies to be established by the Government under the auspices of the then programme for Economic & Social progress (PESP).  The establishment of local development companies like South Kerry Development Partnership CLG, followed a realisation by government that what was needed to tackle the economic and social problems of rural areas was a localised community based response.  The local community, working in partnership with statutory agencies, the social partners and local government, could take responsibility for addressing the economic and social problems within their communities.  Strategies and related actions could be developed locally, with local ownership and in response to local needs This ‘bottom up’ approach to Rural Development is a core ethos of South Kerry Development Partnership CLG and it provides the organisation with a methodology of working which informs the design, development and implementation of its rural development initiatives.
 South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is an experienced rural development organisation and has successfully implemented numerous state & EU funded rural development programmes since its foundation in 1991.  It combines an economic development role, creating sustainable jobs and attracting investment with community, cultural and social development activities.   South Kerry Development Partnership CLG works with a very broad range of stakeholders, including individuals, communities, businesses, networks, cooperatives, government agencies and departments.  It is a non-governmental organisation and is legally established as a Company limited by guarantee with registered charitable status with the Irish Revenue Commissioners.   The operation of South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is overseen by a voluntary board of directors consisting of 22 members representing four key pillars, The Community & Voluntary Sector, The Social Partners, Statutory Agencies and Local Government.  The community & voluntary sectors is the largest pillar on the board.  Full details on the partnership board are detailed below.

Our Mission Statement
South Kerry Development Partnership CLG (SKDP) works to promote and assist the development of sustainable, vibrant communities in South Kerry, and to improve the quality of life of people living there through the provision of social and economic opportunities. SKDP does this by targeting financial resources, creating strategic alliances, facilitating networking and fostering cooperation, and will incorporate ongoing evaluation of its work to ensure focused delivery of its objectives. SKDP is a local development company which works in partnership with state agencies, the social partners, local elected members and community and voluntary representatives.

Core Values
The Core Values which underpin all of the work of the South Kerry Development Partnership CLG are as follows: Using a partnership approach – fostering involvement of stakeholder agencies. Equality – a fair, respectful and inclusive approach and encouragement of others to do the same Bottom up approach – recognition and building on existing assets and ensuring involvement Addressing disadvantages of any kind Working on all levels of the community to achieve objectives To be innovative Work is transformational, with strategies for continuation at outset. Influencing policy – by taking opportunities as arising and involvement of local, regional and national agencies.
Key Areas of Activity
South Kerry Development Partnership CLG corporate plan 2008-2013 has divided it’s activities under three strategic pillars, each with an overall core objective, strategies to achieve the objectives and a series of actions to realise each of the strategies. The three strategic pillars are:

  • Enterprise & Employment
  • Community Development
  • Education & Training

More information on each of these key areas of activity are set out in the relevant section of the website.

Sub Structures
South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is structured in accordance with its key areas of activities and it’s sub-structure has been designed to both prioritise key areas of activity and ensure maximum involvement of key stakeholders in its working groups. The structure of South Kerry Development Programme Ltd is set out below:

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd Board and Sub Structure

Area of Operations South Kerry Development Partnership CLG covers an extensive area of almost 2,500km2. This represents over half the surface area of County Kerry. The area, which covers 65 EDs (Electoral Divisions), has a population of just over 47,000. Its main urban centre is Killarney (pop.14,000). Other significant urban centres include Kenmare (pop. 1,950), Killorglin (pop. 1,500) and Cahersiveen (pop. 1,300). These four urban centres account for approximately 40% of the population of South Kerry, with the remainder residing in smaller towns, villages and in the rural countryside (O’Keeffe, SKDP Rural Typology Profile 2007).

It is a predominantly rural area. The main industries are agriculture and tourism. South Kerry Development Partnership CLG’S geographic area of operations covers an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a varied landscape consisting of mountains, coastline, lakes, national park, diverse flora & fauna and a world heritage site.

The geographic area of operations covered by South Kerry Development Partnership CLG is shown below

Map of Geographic Area
Chairperson and CEO of SKDP CLG

• Anthony Donnelly

• Noel Spillane

SKDP Board Members

Community & Voluntary Sector

  • Michael Moriarty – Greater Killarney Area Community Forum
  • Stuart Kelly – Greater Killarney Area Community Forum
  • Sean Roche – Mid Kerry & Sliabh Mish Community Forum
  • Catherine Evans – Mid Kerry & Sliabh Mish Community Forum
  • Michael J O’Connor – Iveragh Community Forum
  • Tony Donnelly – Iveragh Community Forum
  • Patricia Holbein – Greater Kenmare Area Community Forum
  • Tadgh O’Donoghue – Greater Kenmare Area Community Forum

National Social Partners Sector

  • Edward O’Sullivan – Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association / Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society (ICMSA/ICOS)
  • Pat O’Driscoll – Irish Farmers Association (IFA)
  • Sheila Dickson – Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)
  • Yvonne McDonagh – Irish Business & Employers Confederation (IBEC)

Statutory Sector

  • Majella Moloney – Teagasc
  • Kevin Fay – Kerry Education & Training Board (KETB)
  • Ann Marie NicGearailt – Udaras Na Gaeltachta

Environmental Sector

  • Vacancy – Irish Environment Network

Local Government Sector

  • Councillor John O’Donoghue – Kerry Co. Council – Elected Members
  • Councillor Fionnán Fitzgerald – Kerry Co. Council – Elected Members
  • Councillor Dan McCarthy – Kerry Co. Council – Elected Members
  • Councillor Marie Moloney – Kerry Co. Council – Elected Members
  • Paul Neary – Kerry County Council – Executive

Company Secretary

  • Noel Spillane


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