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South Kerry Development Partnership CLG’S core Education & Training objective is to:  

To support participation in education and training opportunities for life-long learning and development by raising awareness, identifying needs and providing access throughout the area.

Identify the education and training needs of, and provide programmes to, individuals and businesses in South Kerry

a)       Provide supports for disadvantaged 3rd Level and Further Education students.

b)       Provide capacity building training to community groups in South Kerry

c)       Provide capacity building training to businesses in South Kerry.

d)       Provides supports for the development of training facilities.

e)       Provide personal development training opportunities to individuals.

Work with pre-schools, schools and agencies to improve outcomes for young people at risk

a)       Provide supports for disadvantaged pre-school, primary and post-primary pupils.

b)       Provide supports for early school leavers.

c)       Provide supports to schools on issues relating to disadvantaged pupils.

Work with communities and agencies to raise awareness of, and address mental health and substance misuse issues through education and training

a)       Pilot, and demonstrate the need for, projects on issues of mental health and substance misuse, while linking communities and schools.

b)       Stage awareness raising activities across South Kerry.

Support and strengthen the family unit to encourage child well-being

a)       Work with parents to create an awareness of the need to support and encourage their children.

b)       Work with schools and agencies to provide joint information sessions and initiatives for parents.