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Innovation in the MacGillycuddy Reeks

SKDP is the lead partner in the MacGillycuddy Reeks European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Project which is running until April 2022 and is worth almost €1 million to local communities.
This project is one of 23 EIP-Agri-Environmental projects in Ireland and the Project Team has summarised their innovative work here, so you can find out about changes happening in this special area.
Map of MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP Project area
Snowy Reeks
Photo credit: Brian O’Callaghan

Waterville Community Survey for Catchment Area Plan

Members of the communities in the Waterville, Ballinskelligs and Dromid areas, as well as those who visit the area regularly are invited to complete the survey via the link below which is aimed at seeking their views on the points that need to be addressed as part of the development of the sustainability plan for the Waterville Catchment Area.

“Everyone interacts with the catchment in some way though they might not even realise it, be it through simply walking on the beaches/river banks to engaging in water sports” according to IRD Waterville’s Pat Everett. “We are really hoping that local people, as well as those who visit the area and enjoy the assets of the catchment give us their views to ensure we can incorporate them into the final plan” he added. We would also like all the individual farmers, business owners, anglers, environmentalists and anyone else with an interest in the area to fill in the survey Pat said. He encouraged local people to forward the survey link to any visitors they know who come to the area so as to get as broad an input as possible.

It is planned to follow up on the online survey with a programme of public meetings to give both feedback on the survey responses as well as to seek to identify the key elements for the future. Paul O’Raw said they would like to hold public events later in the year but if not then they have plans to engage in online meetings with members of the public.

To complete the survey please click here

panoramic view of liebherr killarney with lakes in background
Jobs Sheets

Positions on offer around Kerry

A healthy amount of roles in this week’s jobs sheet complied by South Kerry LES ranging from technical to consumer retail and lots more besides.  Also an opportunity for a scholarship in Liebherr Killarney.

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panoramic view of liebherr killarney with lakes in background

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