Killarney Students Complete Mental Health Peer Support Programme

27 Killarney students were this week presented with their certificates having completed a 5 week long Mental Health Peer Support Programme. The programme was delivered to students from St. Brendan’s College and St. Brigid’s Secondary School by four facilitators Deirdre Fleming of SKDP, Geraldine Sheedy, Mary Collier and Paul Kennedy. The four were themselves trained in the Peer Support Programme through the voluntary Be Aware Prevent Suicide group as agree as part of this training to roll out the programme in schools, workplaces and clubs on a voluntary basis.

The programme provides the students with the skills to recognise signs of mental stress in themselves and others and the knowledge around the range of support groups out there to help people. It aims to give them the confidence to speak about mental health issues and to assist others who may be experiencing difficulties to find the support they need to overcome them.

The facilitators described the Killarney students as an excellent group and praised them for their dedication in giving up the two hours a week over the five weeks to complete the programme. They hope that this work will assist young people in finding the supports they need to overcome any mental health issues they might encounter.